Monday, September 22, 2014

Where in the World is Penniless Socialite?


Ladies and gentleman, I have left the country.  I have (hopefully) by now made my way to the land of Justin Bieber punches, Ibiza.  If not, I am sitting in an airport in Frankfort crying.  (Yes, we had to fly via's a loooong story).


Anyways...have no fear, I have all of my posts scheduled for you this week...including the link ups!  I'll be back October 1st, but I'll be checking in every so often because we will actually have wireless internet.  Yes, we are so wealthy and fancy.  But, seriously, this is my first vacation ever where the hotel has wireless internet.

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Favorite Fashion Friday #63

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If you love this crisp look from RivalaDiva, you are going to love it even more after this.  She freakin' made that shirt!  So this week's outfit is my fav because it's simple and classy...and creative.

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Look What I Got: $25 Altar'd State Giveaway!

Today, Look What I Got has a special co-host!  Kristi of The Dandelion Girl!  She's beautiful and sports some awesome vintage fashions...and she's offering an awesome giveaway to Penniless Socialite readers today!
dandelion girl 2

Hello! I'm K and I blog over at The Dandelion Girl... a blog that ebbs and flows just like life does. It showcases some of my loves and some of my ramblings. I work at Anthropologie (part-time, my real job is as a manager at another retail store), so I often show off our displays and how it has influenced my home decor. Though I used to model, I am no longer that weight and sometimes my looks are horribly hilarious. I like to keep it real, so whatever pops out from the self-timer sessions is what you see.

dandelion girl 1

I love Moscato (the wine and my dog), pumpkin, mixing masculine and feminine, historic homes, Dr. Seuss, F. Scott Fitzgerald quotes, and Economics. One of my biggest dislikes is having to pick a side at a wedding and when my random tastes confuse Spotify to the point it just quits working on Radio mode. Whoopsies!

Working as much as I do, life can be chaotic. But that's the way I like it. Bouncing from place to place, keeping a dream and hope in my heart, and light in my eyes. 

Anyway, hope you'll stop on by or at least participate in the giveaway... a gift card to another of my loves - Altar'd State.

Life is slippery, let's hold hands!

altard state giveaway
So you want to know how to win this gift card?

The only required entry is to follow me on Bloglovin' and post on my blog stating that you did. I'm not a big Facebook fan (I know... I know...) and don't go on Twitter (except to play "What is Dance Mom Holly Wearing" every Tuesday night - the lady wears SO much Anthropologie and I love to spot the pieces - she thinks it's humorous as well, actually... so the former is not possible and the latter wouldn't be interesting to very many people. You can follow me on Pinterest for another entry option - you don't have to follow every board. I think Pinterest feeds should be a curation of what you like and are inspired by, so no matter if you follow one or them all, you will get an entry. The last entry possibility is to follow me on Threadflip. You'll get a $5 site credit if you do as well (if you use my link)

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Stitch Fix #7: A Transitional Fix

Stitch Fix 7 1

This time, my fix was filled with pieces I was hopeful would help me transition into Fall.  However, I was a bit disappointed....
Stitch Fix 7 2 
Jordie Abstract Floral Fit & Flare Dress: Mystree ($68).  I can't say enough negative things about this dress.  I had high hopes because I liked the cut and pattern in the picture.  However, this was a cheap piece of crap.The fabric was some sort of polyester blend.  it was super thin and felt like one of those cheap nightgowns you would get from KMart as a kid.  Maybe if this dress had My Little Ponies or New Kids on the Block on it I would have been more forgiving. 
Stitch Fix 7 3 
Brianna Double Clover Drop Earrings: Zad ($28).  These earrings looked cheap and dated.  They looked like something you'd see on that weird, sad jewelry rack at the register at a drug store...except they were 10 times the price.
Stitch Fix 7 4 
Kendall Cross Front Tab Sleeve Blouse: Kut from the Kloth ($58).  Well, hello, why yes that is my bra.  Reason #1 I did not keep this top: I would've had to wear another shirt under it.  If I am paying $58 for a shirt, I expect it to function as a shirt without assistance.  Reason #2: Bat wings.  Enough said.

June Polka Dot Skirt: Pixley ($58).  I've been searching for a polka dot pencil skirt.  I liked this one, but I didn't $58 like it.  It was stretchy and not as structured as I like my pencil skirts.
Stitch Fix 7 5

Duke V-Neck Sleeveless Blouse: 41Hawthorn ($54).  This is actually the only item I kept from my Fix.  I love the color and the fabric is super soft and flowy.  I realized I needed some more basic separates in my wardrobe, and this top was the perfect addition!

Have you tried Stitch Fix?  Did you get a box this month?  Let me know what you got, loved, kept!  If you posted it about it on your blog, let me know in the comments!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, however, this post contains my referral link and I might receive credit towards my next fix if you sign up.
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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

ModCloth 70% off SALE!

Modcloth Sale

There are very few things that make me squeal in excitement like huge Modcloth sales.   Get dresses at up to 70% off!  There are dresses as cheap as $15 and $20!! Don't miss your chance to nab dazzling deals on these dresses.  Okay, there are other things in the sale, like skirts and shoes....but c'mon...those dresses!  So many dresses on sale. So little time. Shop while it lasts!
I'l be snagging this dress to wear for a wedding event or something.  And I am super duper bummed I missed out on this fascinator!
**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. 
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